The Star Child Song

For someone who has spent a large part of her life communicating via the written word, I have often been envious of those who are musically inclined. It is not that words themselves cannot form a rhythm or a rhyme. We know words can paint pictures or evoke powerful feelings. But I always felt that music and sound could convey deep levels of understanding that needed no intellect to decipher. Our responses to music are visceral and spontaneous.  Music catches  us unaware so that we hum the tune without thinking, feel the intent of the composer without even hearing the words. Putting both together can produce an all-encompassing experience.

Many years ago while still immersed in unfolding the Star Child story, I was talking about this subject with Taylor Brown, a family friend who has spent many days living at our Martha's Vineyard house while playing and writing music there. He went to school with my daughter and just became a member of the family during summers on the island playing as an accompanist for Kate Taylor and leading his band, the Taylor Brown Trio. He is a classically trained guitarist who is always learning and evolving with his music. While spending years performing rock, folk and blues, he has recently returned to his roots in a classical collection soon to be recorded on vinyl. 

 Somehow by the end of our conversation Taylor agreed to write a song for the book. The first version reminded me of Irish folk ballad with moody fiddle interlude and a sense of mystery. Perhaps it was the foggy days of early autumn that inspired that tone. 

This week Taylor sent me "Children of the Stars"  that I  just posted. It beautifully captures the essence of the book and characters with innocence, mystery and yearning.. a song for the journey of life. Listen  here and let me know your comments.


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Kay Goldstein is a cook, writer, and teacher of meditation who was delighted to find herself writing a story about star children. She is the co-author of A Book of Feasts, Stories and Recipes from American Celebrations, and has been a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and her own blog.

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