Children of the Stars

Children of the Star Quote

I found this at www.sun-gazing.com. Lots of beautiful photos at this site.


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    All above quote is correct we all r star children. As we know we r humans but most of us dont know that human is made from two distinct thing i.e 1)body(it is physical thing we obtain from nature and burred or fired in nature only means its origin and end takes place on earth .)
    2) soul this is some thing interesting .soul is spiritual thing it is indestructible and it has all the emotions i.e happy , sorrow,joy, etc..and it is very micro in size that our naked eye couldn't see.
    soul is nothing but ourselves. we r soul not body we have taken body from nature for playing drama this earth is not our home actually we came from far far away our home is very far beyond sky , stars and physical matter it is a world of light where there is devine light as we r souls we are made from devine light only. our home is called as paramdham there our spiritual father stays he also like us i.e light but source of devine light. since our father is one we all are brothers.

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