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 Many people have asked me what was my inspiration for Star Child. The answer to that may be simple, but what I have been learning about inspiration is in some ways more i…


"Finding Yourself is the only Journey that Matters"

There are many lessons in Star Child. It is a small book packed with layers of meaning: from the simple tale of two children learning about the world of humans to the very cadence of the written words which take us to a place of magic and comfort. I only realized what the primary lesson of the book was after I had published it. It is emb…


Finding Yourself and Being Yourself — WFLA-NBC

Kay was recently featured on WFLA-NBC, Tampa-St. Petersburg-Sarasota, FL speaking about “Finding Yourself and Being Yourself"—one of the main themes of her book, Star Child. This show premiered on over 100 TV stations across the country.